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MIchelle Connor Co-President

As the Co-President of Liberty Rugby Club, I want to thank you for offering your support to Liberty Rugby Club.  Our club is made up of volunteer parents and coaches, and we rely on in-kind contributions from supporters like you.  Your financial assistance will allow us to provide equipment, transportation, meals and other training necessities to our 150+ youth players.

Michelle Connor

Jeff Candler Director of Rugby

After 30 years as the head coach of Liberty Rugby Club, I am proud to have seen so many boys and girls come through our program and go on to achieve success as fine young men and women.  We live by our motto of “Family – Integrity – Respect” and instill these values in our players everyday.  We love the sport and culture of rugby, and hope you will help us achieve our goal of developing character building and sportsmanship in today’s youth.

Jeff Candler
Director of Rugby

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