Well you have already taken the first steps by visiting our website. Now come out to one of our practices and see if rugby is for you.

Actually no special skills are necessary to begin. If you can pass a little bit and catch a ball while running, you’ll be a star. You will concentrate on the skills of tackling, passing, running, kicking and positional play.

Absolutely. In rugby there are no downs, the ball keeps moving around the field. Everyone touches the ball. Everyone runs with the ball. Everyone passes the ball. Everyone is a running back on offense and a linebacker on defense.

Rugby is excellent preparation for any team sport. The game will get you in excellent shape. Your spatial orientation will improve dramatically. Your passing will be vastly improved in your other sports, whether it’s with a stick in lacrosse, your feet in soccer, yours hands in basketball, or your tackling skills in football.

Keep in mind that you probably watched an international game given that it was on TV in the USA. Yes, those players are insanely large and powerful but if you saw a pro defensive tackle walking down the road would you think you couldn’t play football? The beauty of rugby is that there is a position specifically suited for every shape and size.

The beefy players make up the highly skilled front row in the scrum while the taller players are the jumpers in the line outs. Slender zippy players zig and zag and are extremely deft at running the ball in the back line. Short – tall – bulky – slender – fast – slow there is always a place for you on a rugby team and you will definitely get your chance to run with the ball or tackle someone else running with it.

The biggest difference between rugby and football is that rugby is a game of avoidance and football is a game of collision. In rugby that extra yard gained or lost in a tackle is inconsequential because the clock never stops and the ball is always live and in play, moving from player to player avoiding contact. Much like soccer, rugby tends to have fewer injuries than other team sports like hockey, football and lacrosse.

Because they don’t wear heavy protective equipment, rugby players are more aware of their physical position, particularly their head, neck and shoulders. By playing for possession of the ball, not yardage, and the rule of no blocking, players tend to be less likely to be injured by other players. Rugby however is a full contact sport and there is always a risk of injury. For more on rugby safety, read this short article written by Dr. Lyle J. Mitchell, past president of the American College of Sports Medicine: Is Rugby a Safe Sport for America’s Youth?

The registration fee is a one time fee and there are no additional charges per season. Membership fees include USA Rugby membership, Rugby Washington membership, CIPP insurance, training jersey, shorts and socks. Game jerseys will be provided by Liberty Rugby Club. You will need to cover personal travel costs, mouth guards and rugby boots (soccer cleats are ideal).

Registration fees and club dues are listed below per player grade level.  Registration and payments can be made online on our Registration page.  A deposit is required to register with Liberty Rugby Club and USA Rugby, and the balance can be paid in monthly installments.

Registration Fees

LEVELRugbyWAUSA RugbyCIPP TotalClub DuesTotal DuesDeposit
1st/2nd Grade$30$20$45$130$180$75
3rd/4th Grade$30$20$45$130$180$75
5th/6th Grade$30$20$45$130$180$75
7th/8th Grade$55$20$70$205$280$125
9th/10th Grade (JV)$55$30$80$295$380$175
11th/12th Grade (Varsity)$55$30$80$295$380$175
Lady Liberty (HS)$55$30$80$170$255$150

We also conduct a variety of fundraisers throughout the year, such as selling Christmas trees, spaghetti dinner and auction, and other events to raise funds for club travel to tournaments, purchase new uniforms and equipment, and conduct special events for the club. We expect the participation of players and families to support and staff our fundraising events, but you are not obligated to purchase anything.

Liberty Rugby Club fields five teams for all age levels of boys and girls.

  • Boys Varsity  –  11th and 12th grade high school boys
  • Boys JV  –  9th and 10th grade high school boys
  • Boys 7th/8th  –  7th and 8th grade middle school boys
  • Lady Liberty  –  girls combined squad for all high school grade levels
  • Coed 1st – 6th  –  coed boys/girls team for elementary grades

Liberty Rugby Club competes in the Rugby Washington (RugbyWA) league, a Washington State-Based Rugby Organization (SBRO), under the direction of USA Rugby. We play our regular season games against other RugbyWA teams throughout Washington. Additionally, we participate in various rugby tournaments throughout the Pacific Northwest and Northern California and host matches with U.S. and international youth rugby teams.

Liberty Rugby Club plays home games at Pat Ryan Field, located at 1809 S. 140th Street, Seattle, WA 98168. We play regular season away games and tournaments against teams throughout Washington, Oregon and Northern California.


The regular season starts in January and goes through April. Playoffs and the State Championship usually occur in May.

Practices are held at the Liberty High School football field, located at 16655 SE 136th St., Renton, WA 98059.  . Practices begin in early January and are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 – 7:30 PM. It is never too late to come out and see if rugby is right for you!

Simply go to the Registration page and fill out the online registration form.

After completing the online registration form, there will be a Paypal link at the bottom of the page!

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