How Exercise Helps Teens with Depression

Teenagers are notoriously difficult–moody, private, and often sulky.  Even the children with the sunniest dispositions can somehow transform into temperamental, irritable adolescents suffering from stress and anxiety. With raging hormones and […]

Why Your Kids Should Play Rugby

15 Reasons Why Your Little Angels Should be Playing the Great Game ‘Borrowed with Pride’ from (full link at bottom of this article). Its been tweaked slightly to fit […]

Sports Fueling for Kids

Young athletes must eat right to perform their best, grow and recover. Food is fuel, and proper nutrition will keep kids feeling fit and strong throughout the day! Source:

How to Recruit High School Rugby Players

This article deals with a sensitive topic in the high-school sports community. Despite its long history around the world, the sport of rugby is seen as somewhat of an upstart […]

The Top 19 Best Foods for Athletes

Whether your goal is to get lean, build muscle, or increase endurance, eating right is 80 percent of the battle. Sure, that other 20 percent, exercise, is certainly an important piece […]

Exercises to Improve Your Rugby Tackling

Tackling and being tackled are integral parts of rugby. Tackles can range from almost gentle ankle taps to bone-crunchers that hurt so bad they send shockwaves throughout your entire family […]

Best Treadmill Exercises for Rugby Training

Exercise specificity – the key to program design success In rugby training, the law of specificity underpins all successful program design. Specificity simply means that your fitness will improve based […]

Should I Eat Pasta Before a Rugby Match?

Rugby is a multi-energy systems sport. Periods of intense anaerobic exercise utilize the creatine phosphate and lactate energy systems, while slower periods of play utilisz the aerobic system. Because of this, ruggers […]

2019 UK Tour – Liberty Rugby Club

Liberty Rugby Club is happy to announce that our Boys Varsity team (11th – 12th grade) is heading to the UK during Spring Break 2019, April 4th – 14th.  We […]

Sports Nutrition: Eat Like an Athlete

Elite athletes understand the importance of proper sports nutrition. They constantly fine tune their diets to gain a metabolic edge over opponents. High school athletes should do the same, but […]

Video: Moments of Respect in Rugby

This is why we play the game. Rugby teaches respect better than any other sport. Respect for our opponents, referees and each other. We love it!  

Video: I Am a Female Rugby Player

Think you can’t play rugby because you are a girl? Wrong! Check out this great video by the NCAA Women’s Rugby and see why rugby is one of the BEST […]

Video: Why Play Rugby

Still not sure if rugby is the right sport for you? Think girls can’t play rugby? Wrong! Here is a great video by the Harvard Women’s Rugby Club that shows […]

Video: Always Play Like a Girl

Tired of the boys always getting the attention and cheers from the crowd? Well you shouldn’t be… girl athletes excel in all sports, especially rugby. Here is a great video […]