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Video: I Am a Female Rugby Player

Think you can’t play rugby because you are a girl? Wrong! Check out this great video by the NCAA Women’s Rugby and see why rugby is one of the BEST […]

Video: Why Play Rugby

Still not sure if rugby is the right sport for you? Think girls can’t play rugby? Wrong! Here is a great video by the Harvard Women’s Rugby Club that shows […]

Video: Always Play Like a Girl

Tired of the boys always getting the attention and cheers from the crowd? Well you shouldn’t be… girl athletes excel in all sports, especially rugby. Here is a great video […]

10 Benefits of Playing Rugby for Women

Leanne Riley, England Rugby International and Harlequins Ladies scrum-half, gives her top 10 benefits. There are a multitude of benefits from team sports; confidence, friendship, leadership, respect – the list […]

8 Reasons Why Girls Should Play Rugby

more and more girls around the country are now strapping on their rugby boots to take part in what was once considered to be a male dominated sport. With the stigma […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Play Girl’s Rugby

Yes Ladies, I’m looking at you. Okay, hear me out. You probably see “Girl’s Rugby” and are instantly thinking two things: either we are a group of large, manly, ugly […]