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How Exercise Helps Teens with Depression

Teenagers are notoriously difficult–moody, private, and often sulky.  Even the children with the sunniest dispositions can somehow transform into temperamental, irritable adolescents suffering from stress and anxiety. With raging hormones and […]

Sports Fueling for Kids

Young athletes must eat right to perform their best, grow and recover. Food is fuel, and proper nutrition will keep kids feeling fit and strong throughout the day! Source:

The Top 19 Best Foods for Athletes

Whether your goal is to get lean, build muscle, or increase endurance, eating right is 80 percent of the battle. Sure, that other 20 percent, exercise, is certainly an important piece […]

Sports Nutrition: Eat Like an Athlete

Elite athletes understand the importance of proper sports nutrition. They constantly fine tune their diets to gain a metabolic edge over opponents. High school athletes should do the same, but […]

How Exercise Can Help Teen Depression

Although more than 15 million adults struggle with depression, our youth are also vulnerable to this mental health disorder. In fact, approximately 20% of teens experience depression before they reach adulthood. […]

Rugby Player Diet And Nutrition Advice

Learning From Rugby Nutritionists Nutrition is a key part of any sport, and rugby is no exception. Known for its raw physicality and high-impact tackles, rugby places huge demands on its […]

The Benefits of Caffeine in Rugby

Caffeine is a popular work-enhancing supplement that has been widely researched in the sport and exercise environment. Caffeine is an adenosine antagonist, meaning it blocks the action of adenosine in […]

Top 10 Health Benefits of Rugby

Developed in England in the 1800s, rugby has become an international sport that has gained tremendous popularity in such countries as Australia, South Africa, Europe and America. The sport has […]